Hans MEMLING, “Triptych of John the Baptist and John the Evangelist”, view of the closed triptych, Memling Museum, Old St. John's Hospital, Bruges (Brugge)
the closed triptich

presentation of donors: the closed tryptich

The reverse sides of the shutters are decorated with portraits of the donors kneeling and accompanied by their standing patron saints.

They are represented in shallow niches.

All have been identified

We recognize, from left to right:

On the left shutter, from the left:

  • Standing, St. Agnes, recognizable by the lamb below on the left side,
  • Kneeling in front, Agnès CASEMBROOD kneeling.

to the right of the left shutter:

  • Standing, St. Clare carries the thurible,
  • Protects Sister Claire VAN HULSEN, kneeling in front.

On the right pane, from the left:

  • Standing, Saint James the Great of Compostela dressed as a pilgrim,
  • Known in front, Jacob DE KEUNINC

to the right of the right-hand panel:

  • St. Anthony Abbot, who is recognizable by his crook and the piglet,
  • patron of Antoine SEGHERS, master of the hospital.

The triptych was probably commanded before , since it was in that year that Antoine SEGHERS died.

It was placed above the master altar in .